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Kristaps Veksa is a World Challenge Winner!

The week in Glasgow was one to remember!

Many cycling World Championship disciplines at the same place was just amazing. Saw best Freestyle/ Trek/ BMX riders in the world! I think BMX track in Glasgow was one of the best I have ever ridden and had very much fun on it!

Won all my motos, quarter final, was third in the semi-final, and won the final after hard fight from back!

European Cup Win at Zolder!


First race with the new Radio Carbon Bike turned out very good !

Everything was not so easy as it looked like. Had some shoulder pain after first moto crash but was able to turn the day around and Win the race!

New Radio Solar Carbon bike

Red Bull UCI Pump Track  World Championships in Chile 2022 Veksa
Red Bull UCI Pumptrack Worlds Chile - 2022 Veksa

Red Bull UCI Pump Track

World Championships in Chile

Qualifying: 3rd

Race: 11th


I am very proud to say that I got A level license as BMX Trainer


Red Bull UCI Pump Track

Czech Qualifier

Kristaps Veksa Wins Ticket to World Championship in Santiago Chile!

Amazing Event and super good pumptrack!

I had the perfect weekend! Best Qualification times finally gave me the Nr. 1 plate what was my first goal of the day! 

Solid and good laps gave me confidence until I got the win in final!

See you in Chile for the World Championships!

German Championships

Hot weekend at German Championships but the riders still achieved their best results!

Happy to see the growth of riders I train.

A lot of them made finals and podiums.

Seeing progress feels very good!

Edwin 1st.JPG
Kristaps Veksa 5th in European Championships

European Championships

Kristaps Veksa - 5th in the Europe!

I was racing in Men 25-29. It was a very fun weekend with family and friends!  Enjoyed every day and riding in front of so much people with my BMX was amazing.


Ninja Warrior All Stars Germany

It was so cool to compete as an All Star. Was very Happy to make the course and push the buzzer already in my first year! 



Hight Quality BMX bikes and parts will give you an extra speed and confidence against other riders.

Super Happy to try out the Radio BMX Bike products! 

Thanks To RADIO BMX!


Ninja Warrior Germany

Semi Final

Kristaps made into Semi final in his first year!

I was Very happy about this chance to try Ninja Warrior and will be back next year much stronger and better prepared!

Ninja Warrior Kristaps Veksa
image_6483441 (1)_edited.jpg

Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championship

Kristaps Veksa - 6th in the WORLD!

6 days in Portugal!

What an amazing event it was! Good food, new friends, boat rides, sunset by ocean! Could not be much better!

After a crash on 2nd day in training I was trying to be fit for the race on 5th day!

In the race I was feeling good and ready to fight!

And I got 6th place in World Championship!

Ninja Warrior Germany

First Round

First year for Kristaps in Ninja Warrior was so fun!

He made until 6th obstacle very fast and thats why he got to next round - Semi final!

Kristaps Veksa Ninja Warrior
Kristaps Veksa Pump Track Win

Red Bull UCI Pump Track Belgium Qualifier

Kristaps Veksa Wins Ticket to World Championship in Portugal!

After Qualifier in Berlin, Germany Kristaps came back for the Ticket hunt in Belgium! 

Clean fast laps and confidence got him a ticket to World Champs in Portugal!

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